Saturday, October 09, 2010

It Came from Green Valley Station

I think anything that you get in the mail that actually came from a person is at least a small treasure.

Unless, it's hate mail.

What I got wasn't hate mail. It was mailed from the far side of the country on October 1st. It was shoved through my mail slot on Tuesday the 5th.

All my mail gets delivered with the sound of "Here's your damn mail," as it crashes to the floor. It's mostly, always junk so I can't blame the mail carrier. Mostly, I just drop it into the recycle bin: unopened, unseen.

But Tuesday was a little different.

There was a birthday card size envelope, that wasn't sitting flat.

Inside the envelope was a card of the non-birthday type even though it was just six days before my birthday. Anyone else who had seen the mail that day would have wondered who was sending my a birthday card.

Inside the card was a sandwich size zip-lock bag. Inside the bag were eighteen items.

The items were double sided disks made by affixing two paper circle framed in metal back to back with tiny adhesive circles of plastic foam.

Each side of each disk had a lower case 'r'.

Most disks, if flipped on the horizontal, would show the corresponding letter upside right, but a couple didn't.

The lower case letter came in six different colors.

Yellow was suspiciously absent.

Also in the card was a note.

I know the note writer has been extremely busy but she took some time out of her day to make these little things and then send them off in the mail.

So far, I haven't failed to smile when I've looked at them.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you liked them!

No caps, because you'd never drop an 'r' at the beginning of a sentence.

I didn't know your birthday was coming up, but Happy Belated Birthday!!

Oh, and I guess 18 r's is one for each year you've been alive. ;)

No yellow, even though it's one of my favorite colors because it doesn't show up well and I wanted them to be pretty.

Never fail to smile! :)