Friday, January 07, 2011


Sometimes it funny how things work. I got Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros for Christmas.


If I’m in bed by 2AM then I’m happy, most of the time, but then I thought about that math: getting to bed at 2 and getting out of bed at 6 means I’m in bed for four hours.

Four hours out of 24 is one sixth of the day, that’s a twenty hour day. That doesn’t seem healthful.

No wonder I’m sometimes tired.

Face time.

I don’t get around much mostly because I’m processing all sorts of stuff and I’m not afforded the opportunity but when I do get out, I try to meet the folks that I rely on.

I try to give them some face time because I’m rather endearing.

I’ve sent her two emails about the same issue and I have gotten no response, so I worry.

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Melissa said...

Home is wherever I'm with you.