Saturday, January 08, 2011

Naps and warm juice

So, I have a cold. Normally, I would say that I think I have a cold just to at least verbally distance myself from the actual cold but the congestion and runny nose along with the occasional cough is had to deny.

I was being slightly careful about not getting a cold but being just slightly careful and ignoring sleep got the better of me.

There was just enough snow on the ground to the point that I had to address it; not enough for the snowblower but more than I could leave unattended.

I heated up some orange juice and added some cinnamon to it and went to take care of it. I was making excellent progress when I heard my neighbor call.

"Hi, Tim."

"Hey, Kim."

"Happy New Year."

"And Happy New Year to you."

"Do you want to use my snowblower?"

"No thanks. I got mine out back, I just don't think there is enough snow to drag it out," I truthfully said but regretted it slightly because obviously he had just used his.

"I did your walk earlier."

"Hey, thanks. I really appreciate that."

"Yeah, I missed that other big storm so I figured I'll get this one."


Despite the cold I still think that I'm at least 78 percent immortal.

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Melissa said...

Screw germ theory, it was the spicy fries. I just know it.