Monday, January 10, 2011

Scars and baggage

Scars and baggage.

Mementos and life.

There are things that we choose and there are things that we don’t choose.

There are things that we make the best of. Surviving is critical.

Sometimes, there is no making the best of it, there is just the survival.

In extreme conditions, your body will sacrifice other body parts to save your core.

If the heart still beats: there is hope, even if the heart stops there is still hope, you just have to time it right.


I was wearing work boots in work today. I wore the boots because I rationalized that I would be going out.

I was wearing jeans in work today. I wore jeans because I was wearing boots.

The boots set off the metal detector. I've been walking through the metal detector since 9/11/01. I know what sets it off and I know what doesn't.

He called me over to the side. I said, "It's the boots," but he asked me if I had anything metal on me.

"Nothing else sets it off except the boots."

"Where are you headed?"

"The seventh floor, just like every other day for the last fifteen years."

"The 7th Floor is closed."

"I work there."

"Oh, sorry, with the boots and everything I didn't recognize you."

When I walked through the front door of my office there was a stranger sitting in the lobby.

So much for security.

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Melissa said...

There is hope.