Friday, January 07, 2011

I hear rabbit tastes a lot like cat

My phone rings at quarter past eight and for you young folks that means 8:15, may phone usually doesn’t ring that early unless it’s a co-worker.

“Hello, nuthouse*.”

“Timmy, baby. Chinese New Year – Year of the…?”

“Year of the Rabbit.”

“Thank you.”

A couple moments later he called again; a co-worker from Vietnam says that it is not the Year of the Rabbit. I clarify that Chinese New Year is Year of the Rabbit but that maybe it’s different in Vietnam. I further state that I have in my possession a letter from a Chinatown neighborhood association stating that it is the Year of the Rabbit and I have seen a little girl wearing rabbit ears to celebrate the occasion. He says that he sticking with my information and not the gut from Vietnam.

A couple moments after that, he called again, the guy from Vietnam says that their culture has no “rabbit” and instead use a cat. “So we’re both right,” I said because I’m a diplomat.

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