Monday, June 11, 2007

13,000 visits, 16,664 pages viewed. A portion of that is me of course, I'll read what I posted recently because often I'll forget and also when I finally get around to responding to comments if I can ever think up something to say.

It's been a week now that I've been putting in extra time at the second job. I keep showing up to finish a proposal that keeps never getting finished.

My job is to dress the thing up: make the front and back covers, the index/divider pages and format the pages so they look nice and the whole document has a flow and then wire bind the whole thing together. I'm waiting for someone else to finish writing their bits, that someone is the owner.

I've been told we'll need three copies to mail out and then we will need two other copies which we can produce at our leisure. I have parts for four proposals sitting on my desk just waiting to be partnered with important text.

During conversation she gave me the rundown of the project; the commissions to be paid would run around six million. I offered no reaction, percentage-wise it's still five percent. She then broke that down and after co-brokes, expenses and agent commissions paid, the company might make $250,000.00. I offered no reaction to that either.

It's a big deal for a neighborhood real estate company. I probably should be excited

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