Thursday, June 28, 2007

She knows how to wear a dress. Well, most ladies do I guess and probably most guys too but her dress was hugging all the proper places that nicely shaped women have.

She said that she didn't know I was in the office as I walked down the stairs. I'm trying to make a better effort at looking like I still care. I do still care. I think my problem is that I want it to be known that my effort doesn't equal my compensation. My level of heroism is not being duly recognized and I would complain about that but doesn't that sound incredibly selfish, petty and ignoble? That's why I kept those thoughts to myself. That's way when people ask me what's wrong, I say "Nothing."

Anyway, when I reached the bottom of the stairs she said "I'm expecting a big loan to come through tomorrow. So, at least I can be solvent again." I said "A loan doesn't exactly bring you solvent," but I knew what she meant even before she explained what she meant.

Big things are in the works which should put the company in the black. I hope I last that long.

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