Saturday, November 27, 2010

dreams and homicide

I finished my task and was about to leave. We were in very close proximity. I moved a little closer, close enough to make my intention known. I half expected her to move ever so slightly away but she didn't. I tilted my head slightly to my right and moved closer still, our lips were almost touching.

I wondered what my breathe was like but figured it was too late to back out now. My plan was to kiss she and wait to see her response and then go from there. I gave her a slightly firm kiss and waited, or tried to wait but she replied with a firmer kiss that pulled at my top lip when she broke it. I really didn't have a next step in place if she hadn't returned the kiss so I gave a slight smile in relief before we kissed again.

After the third kiss, I lowered my head, moving my lips away from hers. I knew that no amount of kissing was going to satisfy my desire and I thought reaching for more was too much to ask.

Then I heard, "But it's just a dream. You're allowed to go further. You are allowed to go as far as you want. You are expected not to limit your dreams." The voice in my head was right. It was just a dream and I knew it but I could feel her breathe on my face, I could feel her lips slight tug on mine, I could taste her kiss. Continuing the dream was an option, I could still feel her waiting presence; sometimes I can direct my dreams and the 'camera' was still rolling.

I ended up rolling over which was like as if the electric cord was wrapped around me and my rolling pulled the plug right from the wall. The dream ending in the fading light.

That voice that was in my head just throw up his arms in disbelievement and disgust.

I couldn't blame him.

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Anonymous said...

Never limit yourself in your dreams or in life.