Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I guess I gotta read it now

I tend to procrastinate. It may be due to my arrogance but I think mostly: I'm just lazy. It's hard for me to self motivate. So I was up past one finishing those reports because I'm a volunteer treasure for some nonprofit.

I could have done then after I finished diner which consisted of meatloaf, mash potatoes and carrots. It was important to use some of the ingredients today or else I would be too busy later in the week and things would spoil. But after diner I sat in the room with the TV and started to doze off, I didn't fight it too much because I figure that I could use the rest because I fighting off the start of a cold.

I finished the reports and then went to the kitchen and then passed where all the mail gets put. I check the mail earlier so I was surprised to see a box there.

In the box was a copy of John Steinbeck's "East of Eden." It was sent be someone with a very cool phone.

In my mind, I like Steinbeck, even though I've only read two of his books but I sort of remember reading something about him, on why he wrote, that made me like him but I can't remember what that something was.

Thanks for the book Cool Phone User.


Fat Free Milk said...

I haven't fully read East of Eden or Grapes of Wrath but have read all of his little, bitty novels. I think that I have Steinbeck ADD.

Green Catfish said...

Holy moley. KM.

Yeah, those little books are the length I prefer but a lot of authors are too scared to write at that length.

I've read Cannery Row and The Pearl, so East of Eden will be my first non-little novel by Steinbeck.

There are times that I'll start a book, put it down for six months and then pick it back up again to pace myself.

cool phone girl said...

You are welcome. I hope you enjoy it.

I'm sure your bread is awesome.