Tuesday, November 09, 2010

It's a little weird, sometimes

So, I write more 'posts' then you actually get to see. I don't publish them because I think the story sucks, the storytelling suck and the writing ain't far behind the storytelling.

Anyway, I posted those things below because they sort of coincide with someone I read, and whenever that happens I look to see who wrote what first to see who's coping who but sometimes people just write about similar things or say the similar phrase like 'I don't talk politics' or explain why some people don't/can't eat bread no matter how good that bread is when someone else has said that if you don't like good bread, then you have no soul but with the caveat that possibly that statement isn't true if the person has a medical reason for not eating bread, and all these things were done independently of each other.

(I do think you're psychic but I'm okay with you reading my thoughts)

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