Saturday, November 20, 2010

I actually tell people I'm genius quite frequently but really, at best, I'm just cleaver

So, I was given a bear from Build-A-Bear because I’m such a great guy. It was given to me by the receptionist; the receptionist that for the most part drives me crazy. At Build-A-Bear, you build your own bear, you stuff it and dress it and I imagine there are other steps involved. She dressed it in blue jeans and a jersey shirt. The jersey shirt was emblazoned with “Happy Halloween.”

She could have picked whatever she wanted for a shirt but she chose Halloween for a motif even though as she explained to me that she doesn’t like Halloween. Once Halloween had passed, she said she was going to get a new shirt for the bear and when she tried, the shirt didn’t fit. So, the other day, after being tired of seeing “Happy Halloween,” I turned the shirt inside out, so now he’s wearing what looks like just a plain orange shirt.

The receptionist saw what I did and told me that she liked my creativity. I replied, “Yeah, I’m a genius.”

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