Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I wrote this on November 1st and didn't publish it

It’s mostly moments of failing charter mixed with moments of what could be misconstrued as greatness.

We need a better plan for Halloween 2011.

I’ve always been told that my nieces would prefer not to trick-or-treat but the oldest one told me something different while we were passing out candy, so we found a bad for her and her sisters and took then to a couple houses.

Also, I have a large front lawn, so the front door isn’t close to the sidewalk, so there is a bit of a walk involved, so some people won’t make the effort to walk to the door, so we’ll sit on the short retaining wall were our property meets the sidewalk. Next year, we’re staying in our house. I would rather throw candy away than free my ass off for four hours.

Also, it’s hard to socialize when you’re 75 feet or so from the house.


The craziness in work that stated late Friday morning continued into Monday morning.
Sometimes, politics dictate my work load.
It seems some folks are scared.


I don’t talk politics much here because I don’t like politics. I think it’s important to vote and I think it’s important to know what you’re voting for; I also think that if you want change or even if you don’t want change, you have to be willing to invest more than just your vote.

I don’t talk politics much anywhere but if they come up, I’ll respond.

I wish there were more viable political parties in the United States.


I think this stuff is a chore to read.

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