Saturday, November 20, 2010

I think 'crazy' is contagious

I miss her when she’s not there and I miss her a little less when she is.


I certainly wouldn’t welcome it but I’m not certain that I fear death. But then I'm not certain that I brave live, either.

That statement above is not really me. I was just thinking what the opposite of fearing death was and even though braving life sounds like it might not be correct, it is, at least grammatically.

I actually write a lot of things that are not me at the core but they may have a kernel of truth to them. A kernel of something that I wish to deal with and I can see it better if I view it from the outside at a magnified level.

I draw a lot of technically correct drawings; actuate drawings to scale, lines and arcs at precise locations. There are drawing aids that assist in the creation of these drawings but sometimes the drawing aids give you what looks right at a distance but when you zoom in on what is supposed to be an intersection, you can see that the lines don’t actually touch or touch in slightly the wrong place, which makes the drawing technically wrong.

Wrong close up is still wrong at a distance even if it’s unnoticed. Sometimes it doesn’t matter but sometimes it does.

So the crazy receptionist told me that next week she is going to buy a new shirt for the bear, one that lights up for Christmas. She then goes on and tells me that I can save the Halloween one for next year or I could give the shirt to her and she would save it for next year. She then assured me that the new shirt would be cute and that the bear is my baby and I can do what I want with it.

I would dress the bear in normal clothes and not dress him up like a holiday freak.

So, the crazy guy steps into my cube.

“Hey, you know those playground sign layout guidelines that you came up with?”

“I didn’t come up with them but I know what you’re talking about?”


“I did not come up with them and I don’t want any association with coming up with them, but I know what you're talking about.”

“Well, remember the playground you chose in Dorchester?”

“I remember the location but I didn’t choose it.”

Dude, stop trying to pin that bullshit on me. We were told to do something that we both personally disagreed with and I did it because we were told to, and you’re incompetent. I still don’t agree with it.

“Well, I was out with the boss and he wants to just put up the playground sign on Irving Street without the 20 miles per hour sign before it because there is no place to put it. So, I want to put a 20 MPH sign under it. Can I do that?”

“A regular 20 MPH sign or an advisory 20 MPH sign?”

“There is no place to put a 20 MPH sign before the playground sign because the street is too small and the street lights are the old gas lamp style so there is no room. Can I put a 20 MPH sign below the playground sign?”

“Yeah, I know, but are you planning on using a regular black & white 20 MPH sign under the playground sign or an advisory speed limit sign under the playground sign?”

He stared blankly at me trying to get his brain to work. So, I continued.

“Because, if you use a regular 20 MPH sign, no matter where you put it, you need to give an advance warning for it, so you'll have to put a warning sign prior to it. If you use an advisory speed sign, then you do not have to give prior warning.”

“Oh. I’m going to use an advisory sign, that’s not enforceable,” he said not as a revelation or a declaration but as answer to my previous question.

“Then you can put it below the playground sign.”

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