Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If I think it's funny and ridiculous, chances are I'm going to say it.

I baked some bread on Veterans’ Day. I baked enough for the house and then whatever else would fit in the oven. The total was six medium size loaves. I like the medium size loaves because mostly it means you don’t have to worry about a whole loaf of bread being started.

Despite the holiday, I still was committed to drop by the second job. In between my house and where the second job is located, is my friend Joe. Joe will usually cook for his family when he’s at home so I dropped two loaves to him and brought a loaf to the owner of the Real Estate company, to were I was heading.

Baking a double batch of bread isn’t too much more effort than baking the one, and I’m sure that it saves a bunch of the natural gas that powers my oven, so if I know I’m going to be baking and have a convenient way of unloading the bread, I’ll bake extra because I’m good like that.

But I still have reservations about just showing up to someone’s house with fresh baked bread even though if a trusted baker showed up at my door, I would happily take whatever was offered.

It would be more convenient giving away bread if I had an actual relationship with my direct neighbors.

I was there with a Sprite on ice trying to decide what I wanted off of the menu when he walked in. He sat at the bar next to me.

“Hey, you’re right on time. It’s two for one entrees on Tuesday. We can get a free entree. It will be like a date.” The bartender laughed a little but he was not amused.

“It would be like a what?”

“Like a date,” I repeated and then added, “Don’t worry; I know that you are happily married.”

I think offering two for one entrees on Tuesday in a bar in the Financial District in the capital city of Massachusetts is a little bit silly. I don’t think it is a big draw but maybe I’m wrong.

He then asked me what an entree was.

I pointed to the entree section of the menu.

We didn’t get two entrees for the price of one. I just ordered an appetizer to the disappointment of the newly pouting bartender. He just devoured two baskets of free tortilla chips.

He quietly complained to me later when he was handed a bill for $6.00 for four beers; he claimed he only had three.

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