Saturday, January 24, 2004

but I walked away and I'm walking yet...

Friday's gone. Didn't do much. After work my crew of drinking buddies compatriots of libation had other plans and some of us shared, for discussion purposes, I'll say ginger ales and rounds of Keno at lunch so I depart Downtown for the outskirts.

I'm glad I don't get a buzz off of ginger ale because I think I might have been pushing the limits, otherwise.

Earlier in the day, Friday, I did notice this orange wirenut. Property Management orphaned it while trying to brighten my day (ie. fix my light). I get a lot of anuses folks looking over my cube right where the nut is so I think our time together will be brief. I'm certain someone will ask "What is this for?" I'll have to think up some witty retort. That's what I do for excitement.

"I don't think the hard working taxpayers of our fair city really want you asking questions about my nuts" is the best I got right now.

I found myself again with the squirrels earlier today. They had some feathered competition. I didn't spend too much time staring out the window, I had things to do and chicken to marinate. Today was the last day for poultry procratination or else it would be in the garbage. I'm sure the chicken could have lasted longer according to the FDA but my standards are higher.

Tomorrow might be the big day for the new shoes. I don't do a lot a shoe shopping so it's a big deal. I usually can't find shoes I like. There was a whole cowboy boot era in my life and I still like the cowboy boot look. I'm in counseling

I hate it when I'm at the checkout counter and I'm asked if I found everything I was looking for. Which happened when I was buying my shoes. I actually didn't find what I was looking for but I settled for the pair I got.

Did I find everything I was looking for?!

Are there more shoes in the back? Isn't all your stock right there on the floor?

Isn't that your whole gimmick? That all your crap is out on the floor so you don't have to have people go to the back, so you can pass the savings on to me, the customer.

No, I didn't find what I was looking for, so I came up here to a cashier, instead of the sales help on the floor, to hold up the checkout line to see if there was another hidden section for men's shoes. Do I need to say a password? Secret handshake? Nod? Wink? Come back at 6:37PM?

What kind of foolish question is that?

Did your supervisior tell you to ask that?

Come to think of it I need a pair of shiney new hooker boots, I busted my last pair trying to ditch the cops. Heel came right off, after I cleared that dumpster. Should have worn panties that night, if you know what I mean. Almost broke an ankle. Tore my favorite most profitable dress too.

...bought new shoes three days ago...obviously still very angry...

My reaction at the store was actually a sly grin and a verbal yeah. And because all that stuff actually did race through my head I took the cashier up on his offer to become a member of their shoe buying organization. My penance for wanting to be an ass. Membership does includes Member-only offers.

There must be a hidden section.

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