Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Snow on Wednesday, Maybe a foot

Well, I don't think I was prick to anyone today. So, a 'job well done' to me.

I have the real estate advertising done (open houses on Superbowl Sunday), paid some of someone else's bills, and wrote myself a check (it might even get signed).

I was sitting here looking at my mug collection. I don't even remember why there is a mug collection here in my office. Among others, there are three from London, one from Yellowstone, and one from Salt Lake City (the 2002 Winter Olympic Games). I think I'm due a trip. Maybe even a cruise.

At the day job, I had one new map to create and had to print out 15 others. I got word at 11:00AM that the 15 maps were needed by 12:00PM which I knew wasn't possible. After the first three maps, the plotter beeped and requested that I call the service guy, fortunately shutting the machine off made it forget it had a problem. Although, when I heard that beep and it was me vs. the machine, I was secretely rooting for the machine. I was already to shrug my shoulders and say "plotter's broke". The plotter finished them at 12:30PM, low on yellow ink.

At 2:45PM (which isn't quite 12:00PM) my presence was requested at the reception desk with someone asking for the map(s). Someone I've never seen before requesting maps for someone I've never heard of before. "Who are you? Never mind, It doesn't matter, here take all of these. Good Luck"

Good Luck. I picked that up from one of my Irish builder friends. He used to always wish people good luck as he was departing and I enjoyed the bit of worry it gave some folks.

Good luck, Good luck? Why do I need good luck? Is this wall going to fall or something?

No. No reason. Just good luck... I wish you good luck... I hope good luck follows you wherever you go.

Oh, alright. Thanks

Good luck.

The wirenut still remains on my cube wall.

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