Thursday, January 29, 2004

I need help...

I got an email today from our Operations Division that said I put the wrong street name on a request to install signs. Supposedly, I put Oak Street at West Elm Street instead of Oak Street at East Elm Street (East Elm Street and West Elm Street is the same roadway but the name changes at a some cross street).

I was really bothered by this because I used to live right there, right at the intersection. How could I have screwed that up? So, I checked my paperwork and sure enough I did get the street name wrong.

I don't know what was going through my head back in 1998.

In my defense I did include house numbers on Oak Street which is where I wanted the signs. I still don't know how I screwed that up.

The names of the streets have been changed to protect the stupid

Anyway. it's better than the time I forgot the word for carwash.

I was talking about a location to a contractor and I said that a new.......(thinking)...

me: "What's the word for the place where you wash cars?"
contractor: (looking surprised then he paused).."You mean a carwash?!??" (the dumbass was implied)
me: "Yeah, a carwash. There is going to be a new carwash there."

Maybe I can get a job there drying the....(thinking)....

What's the word for the things you wash at a carwash?

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