Thursday, January 22, 2004

Why a Blog?

Why a blog cousin? That was my first entry. There should probably be a comma between blog and cousin. Maybe, I use too many comma’s.

The cousin part is a private joke. My family has a propensity to pick up lines from movies and modify them and incorporate them into every day speech.

Why a web log? It not for the log's sake. I was hoping, am hoping that it will improve my webpage, photo editing and writing skills. You see, I have a motivational problem.

All my life, I have underachieved. Never reached my potential.

I don’t remember what brought the issue up but my mother told a story, to assorted family and friends, that when I was in the second grade or so, I received a B in Effort. So my parents go to an open house, at my then current school, so they can speak with the teacher to find out what’s wrong. My parents were of the opinion that the grade I received in Effort should be the same grade as I received as the main grade. The main grade was an A. During the open house, my parents are told, “he’s well behaved and does his work well but he just doesn’t try hard”. The revelation that my parent’s son actually earned the lesser grade of B in Effort was not well received. My mother says that I was spoken to and the grade improved. I guess I pretended to try hard. Or maybe the teacher realized that it wasn’t the second grader’s fault that the classes were not a challenge to him, and just gave the following A's in Effort.

Maybe, the teacher didn’t want to be bothered with parents that were concerned with a B in Effort when there were other parents that didn’t even read their child’s report card.

The point of the story is that I do what gets me by. I usually will give A quality work, or at least convince people it’s A quality, but I do it with a B quality effort. B on my better effort days. I have trouble giving a hoot.

I should always try my best but I usually only try for better than that other guy. Sometimes, when I’m lazy I choose a real screw-up as the other guy.

I write a webpage for a real estate company. I believe it was the first one online within the company’s region. It originated because I thought it would be good marketing to say “we’re on the internet”. The first postings were just the “Home of the Week”. I would change the page weekly, take the prior week’s down and put the current week’s up. Then I thought I was losing a lot of effort just getting rid of the prior week’s property so I started just taking the “Home of the Week” title off the page. In the beginning it was actually hosted in my personal free web space that AOL gives with membership….

Who gives a shit? The point is back in the day the page was okay. Today it blows. I have fallen out of the loop of creating decent, passable stuff and thought seeing a plain piece of crap blog posting would motive me to get my ass back into gear. Or, at least show something passable.

Why don’t I just put my effort into the real estate page? That is a good question. It’s seems unnecessary to learn to dress up a lame ass blog with the desire to dress up a real estate page when the true goal is to just dress up the real estate page. Why don’t I just take a course in web paging or something? It all comes back to motivation. I have little love left for the real estate page and I have never been a fan of conventional learning. I have a problem with paying some folks to have me read their books which I have to purchase, usually from them or their minions. If I’m paying you I should at least have the book read to me. I rather just skip to reading the book on my own.

I haven’t reached the point of being so pissed off at the design of this blog to do something about yet. But I’m close.

As a side note, the Director of my day job spoke to my Supervisor and told him that I looked bored. The Director is pleased with the work. I’m giving what is required. It’s just that I seemed bored.

pssstt...something of a challenge might help.

I hope my mom doesn’t find out

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