Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I started cleaning up my cube. I do not mind the clutter until I run out of things that need to be done. There is always something to do but a lot of it can wait. I had recently had to complete two different maps. One was city wide. The other mostly just downtown. Both maps have been shipped off to the requesters. One came back for editing due to misinformation and was sent back out. And, hopefully I am freed from them.

The clean-up lasted about an hour and a half before a coffee break and about another hour and a half before lunch. For a change I started trying to find space on my hard drive and came across this picture.

That cat will beg you for donuts. It's the only thing he will beg for.

The rabbit has since died. I took the rabbit as a favor to a friend. She used to mug you for carrots, which I thought was rather cool for a rabbit. I sometimes snack on carrots. I made a mistake of telling one of my buddies the rabbits given name which was Sweetie Pie. At the rabbit's original home she had a companion named Groucho and everything was fine until a miniature pincher came to live with the rabbits. The rabbits were not happy with the new addition to the family and would run around the cage stomping their feet.

Groucho brakes his back and has to be put down. That leaves Sweetie Pie who still doesn't like the dog. The reason there were two rabbits to begin with is because there are two daughters. The mother thought it would be best if both rabbits departed the house together. So, I was asked to take Sweetie Pie. My house is kinda famous for having animals in it and I was honestly trying to cut down on new arrivals so I wasn't jumping at the idea. That is when my "sucker for a pretty lady" bad habit kicked in. There was a friend of the mother's in the room when I was asked and she (who reminds me of Julianne Moore, only more attractive) asks me point blank, "so, your not going to take the rabbit!?"....(great Julianne Moore thinks I'm an anus)

There was silence while I was thinking what a problem the rabbit was going to cause. I have a lot of work to do in the house. I do not need to worry about living things here and there.

An animal shelter couldn't be the answer because I'm certain the mother felt somewhat responsible for bringing the dog in the house and now she has to get rid of her daughters' rabbits. She needed to know the surviving rabbit would go to a good home. So, I told myself that "I'm a sucker" and to just say you'll take the rabbit right now because everyone knows that is what is going to happen and if you wait any longer to say something, you are going to look like a huge asshole. So I said I'd take the rabbit.

Which I renamed Rabbit. Or on my more endearing day Bunny.

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