Monday, January 26, 2004

Tortured Soul

I'm really not such I tortured soul. All that other stuff is true except for why I don't get too involved in fighting the good fight. Truth is I just got a little bit, burnt out. I still do stuff like help old ladies to cross the street, throw some money to the homeless, make 500 custom invites with reply cards for a private school fundraiser with two days notice. I still keep my fingers wet, I just rather not be in charge of anything right now.

My goal today was to try and be less of a prick. I did try. I'm not certain I succeeded.

Sorry, Neil.

Don't worry about Neil, he was over it by lunch time. Neil is the type of guy that will storm off when you get the better of him and then he'll glue your stapler to your desk when you're not looking. I haven't found out what he glued this time. I've been honestly trying to be nicer to Neil, he picked himself a hard row to hoe but some of the stuff he says is just so doltish.

I wore the new shoes again today. I'm starting to like them better. That floor in the picture is 140 years old and I believe that is the original finish so there is a little bit of the old and a little bit of the new.

That orange wirenut is still sitting on my Eastern wall.

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