Saturday, January 31, 2004

Friday was good.

I called someone aces, and meant it.

I think I going to get out in the field at work more. Being stuck at the desk hasn't done me much good. I like to think I help the public and I do but, at the desk, the help is indirect. I rather have the person to person contact I used to have with the public.

I've been stuck at the desk because of the lack of computer skills that others have, so anything computer generated falls to me. It bothers me a bit because the last time we were hiring a new person I said the only thing they need to know is AutoCad. I was asked several times and the answer was always the same, AutoCad. AutoCad. Please AutoCad.

There is more than AutoCad the position needs to know but if they knew AutoCad, I would/could show them the rest. The time previous to the last, we hired a person, they had no computer skills, that wasn't so bad because we did need help with work in the field but that meant all the computer stuff was mine. So, when that next time came to hire someone, I wanted someone with computer skills.

But no suck luck, another field guy was hired somewhat of a buffoon to boot and any field work it could manage to muster for myself disappeared.

I've been told folks are trying to improve my lot but I've heard that for years now.

Lately, a different department been calling, a respected engineer I used to work. Things move slowly at the Hall so I don't get my hopes up but I know if I switch departments my skills will be better used. I might even be challenged. That would be sweet, wouldn't have to self motivate.

Today's Saturday, nothing planned, I might by some clothes. I moved the bird feeder today. I had installed a bird feeder off of the new back deck before the first snow fell but the birds don't/didn't care for the location. I moved it to the tree by the kitchen window. The feeder is one of the squirrel proof kind, so hopefully it will at least give the squirrels something to do. The gimmick to keep them from the bird seed usually gets found out but that's okay.

Made some die blanks for one of my sisters as well. She has some math game for her students she needed to modify and needed more custom dice. I had to make them bigger than I wanted and had to use a softwood as opposed to hardwood but they will work out.

The niece is by again today. I got her to say 'pretty bird', I found that funny even if it was only the baby version of it.

Lately, I've been losing arguments with myself. Hopefully, the new point of views are better than the last.

I think I hit the wall when I rationalized lowering my standards to meet my performance. In actuality, I have done that for quite some time but seeing it typed really bothered me. So, when I couldn't justify my level of performance, I had to do better.

That wirenut is still there, it has lasted a week. The person who most hangs over my cube where that nut is will be leaving on vacation for 31 days so it's probability of survival has gone up.

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