Sunday, February 01, 2004


I got a call yesterday asking when I would be in the old neighborhood, a favor was needed. Saturday was kinda booked and I'm usually in the that neighborhood on Sundays, so the answer I gave was Sunday.

The person asking the question then said before the game right?

...That's right the game.

Of course before the game. The favor is always favors but why split hairs. With one thing there is always another thing. Anyway, the favors: she can't get her voice mail on her cellie; the shutter on her new digital camera won't open; she needs to have her pictures from a cruise printed from her digital camera; and last her dial up connection doesn't work.

I told her yesterday that she can get her voice mail using a reqular phone just call yourself and blah, blah, blah. Problem solved.

Dial up connection, some little imp disconnected the phone line and the password was incorrect. Problem solved.

Shutter on camera won't open cause the battery needs charging. Problem solved.

Printed pictures by putting my battery in her camera and running over to real estate office to use the color laser printer (she gave me the same camera for Christmas, she got something from Tiffany's, the freshwater pearl bracelet with infinity clasp, classy).

She also mentioned that she must have her small sd card in because she can't take that many photos. I checked the card and it's says its a 256MB card but when I checked the space from the computer, it showed 17MB. My card shows 254MB. Opps, I hope she has the receipt. I'll offer her my card but she'll probably return her faulty one. She has the whole feminine wiles thing going so she should be successful. So, the problem ain't solved but at least I have an answer.

I did buy some clothes yesterday also when to BJ's for some supplies. I picked up four shirts from Filiene's total bill $58 bucks, not too bad.

Gotta run.

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