Monday, February 23, 2004

I am an ass.

We don't get co-ops any more, I don't know why maybe they were subjected to too much psychological mischief.

There was this one co-op rather out going and on her first day (according to her, I thought it was the second) she starts asking questions about the previous co-op, questions which past his name and hometown I don't know, questions like what year is he in, what's his major, does he want to come back.

So, I realize that this kid was here for three months and I didn't know anything about him, just let him sit there, alone.

It actually was not that dire but it makes a better story.

So, after the third question I didn't have an answer for I said "Listen, I don't get close to the co-ops because they just leave" which I thought was hilarious at the time, still do today, it was some of my best deadpan stuff of all time. Her jaw just dropped, literally.

Well, the questions stopped and she told me later that she went home and told her roommates about the nut job she was stuck working with. I told her the truth later, the truth being that I was a little ashamed that I didn't invest time in the previous co-op, in what can be an uneasy situation.

She came back as many co-op terms as she could, graduated, got her masters and works in the area. It's harder to get her jaw to drop but it still cracks me up everytime.

Another time, somehow sex came up, which is highly inappropriate for office conversation and she states "I don't believe in pre-martial sex" to which I asked, "What does that mean? You don't think it exists?" and I believe she had mentioned that she had spent the night at her boyfreind's house so now she tries to defend her statement and she finally admits that in the past to stop uneasy conversations about sex she would say that she doesn't believe in it and the conversation would usually end.

I asked why did she just say she didn't want to continue the conversation, to which she replied "because, you're an ass"...

True enough.

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