Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Tuesday lives on...

I wasn't digging last night so much. I don't dig Tuesday nights much anyway. Too much interaction with the agents even if I don't see them.

So, after I stop off at friends house. I go to Bk's for a number 3 with a diet coke and get to the office at about 7:30PM. That's later than I like but what can you do. First thing I see is a note that says the new 15" flat screen no longer works, the story is, it just stopped working. My first reaction, wah'd fuk. So, I check all the cables to see if they are loose or have a kink, check that no one has screwed with the contrast and/or brightness, check the power, all that bullshit. I get next to nothing, there is a very faint image which is what I started with and to which I mention wah'd fuk? Its a cheap monitor my own damn fault but the flat screen fits nice on the desk so flat screen with a bigger price tag it will be.

Then I remember, I got fries with that but it's too late, fries need immediate attention, so another wah'd fuk. I also should have gotten my order sans onion, not that I don't like onions but then they have to make it fresh.

I got a call earlier in the day from this same office. This earlier story was the fax machine is on its way out and it needs a new drum which costs $160 but should we buy a new one. My reply, I don't give a shit but what the hell are you doing with the hardware, was what was in my head (and this was before I knew about the monitor), what came out was I don't care but those aren't cheap fax machines that we have been buying, that last one was like $600. To which the reply was, I'm talking to the owner right now, I'll let you know. The phone gets hung up and I ponder how to say in a nice why, if you fucknuts could get your acts together maybe I would not have to deal with so much bullshit and could focus more on rewriting the bullshit uncreative lame ass advertising copy that you donkeys give me. Presently, I don't even trying to rewriting the ad copy (which is on my list of things to change, the ad copy sucks)

So there are three print ads I have to get out, one gets emailed as a PDF and the others get printed and delivered. So, I go over the forms for the changes trying to get everything ready for print, pick a 'home of the week' from the choices, send the PDF on it's internet journey and print the other ads. Then for some unknown reason I check the forms again, and see this brand new listing, that is going to be open housed this weekend to which I exclaim sheeeeeeit. I'm not doing the PDF file over that can wait for next week, if it weren't an open house I would have said fukit but the agents get all teary eyed when the open houses don't get advertised, so I make this new found property the 'home of the week' it's not as good as the now runner up choice for 'home of the week' but what can I do. There is always next Tuesday.

I brought three new cd's with me and was playing them off of the cd drive in the computer which is something I might have vowed never to do in the past, if you need to listen to cd's get a cd player, stop wasting the computer resources, kinda sounds familiar. The sound system I used to have in this office was taken to my dining room during one of my screw this place episodes. Anyway, I think I replayed the cd's four times a piece and some songs more than that. I can remember hating the cd's towards the end.

I left there after 3am still with stuff to do but that stuff could wait.

I called the owner and told her we are spending too much on hardware. Which I later corrected because I have been cannibalizing systems for the last forever (since a 386 machine was sweet*), the correction: we are spending too much on certain hardware. She told the office manager that a new drum for the fax will suffice. I also mentioned that 'they' are still fussing with the thermostat which drives me nuts.

If you don't know the basic operations of a thermostat, leave it the hell alone. Setting the thermostat to 85 will not heat up the room any quicker than if you leave it at 72 but what it will do is heat up the room to 85 after you have left for home and you will have me calling you a dumbass for the rest of my life maybe I'll have my children call you a dumbass as well. ...True, I don't have children right now but I'll adopt them, if necessary, just to pass along your dumbass legacy.

* for those who failed geekistory a 386 was the common moniker for the 80386 processor and was the cat's meow after the (80)286 which was begotten by the 8086 which was the first popular chip for personal computers on the IBM/Intel evolutionary line (no arguements please, this is just for entertainment purposes). The 386 is at least the great, great, great, grandfather of the pentium 4 chip.

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