Friday, February 20, 2004

I shoot the lights, and I curse the dark...

The first time I saw the movie High Noon from start to finish was probably five years ago. I remember having a physical feeling of anxiousness and worry. It's a powerful movie but what I like best about High Noon is the character of Helen Ramirez played by the late Katy Jurada, she is a strong woman who everyone seems to bust in on to get advice from and she tells things bluntly, at first without an edge but then with no doubt. So it's like "Is she talking about me?" and then she'll add a sentence and there will be no doubt that she is talking about you.

"If he was my man, I would stand beside him,... but he is not my man... He is your man."


So the big electric company job is gone from my desk, the project manager is someone I consider a friend, but I was having a hard time dealing with the bullshit. I wanted to give my friend a hard time. I had to keep telling myself that it wasn't my friends fault that we had to calculate all these numbers, produce all these plans, and modify the map several differnet times all for a document that was at best only going to be looked at in a cursory manor. I think he could sense my irritation, I should have just sucked it up, wanting to be an asshole didn't help anyone.

Tomorrow, actually later on today, I'll probably drop by where Liz works and talk about my addiction(s) while playing Keno.

I think I'll write Lady G a letter and mail it out, I haven't done that in awhile. Her birthday is at the end of the month, I was told not to get her anything but sometimes I don't listen, ...which she seems to like to tell me once and awhile.

"You don't listen"
"Maybe you don't communicate well"
"Excuse me?!"

She really doesn't like that joke.


Leaving the office today, my supervisor is sitting in the lobby talking to someone, someone I know. It's a former teacher or principal for all four of my sisters, my two older sisters had him as a teacher, the two younger sisters knew him as a principal. He went to high school with my supervisor which also is the high school from which I graduated. The high school is gone but the building remains and now houses a differnet high school in which one of my sisters is a teacher.

It's the whole small world thing.

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