Friday, February 20, 2004

Lady G repeatedly asks, "what do you do for you?".

Mostly, I find ways to avoid improving my own lot in life even though I have all the tools to do so.

If the issue just concerns me, I have a so what type of attitude, who cares? The present hole in my most popular pair of sneakers currently only concerns me and I don't give a care.

There are only improvements if I need greater skills to help someone else look good.

I only do the hard stuff so if I fail, I have an excuse.
Only help others so I can say I was too busy being a good citizen to fix my own problems.

If the stuff isn't hard I'll make it seem difficult, I'll wait until time is almost up to start. "Hey, listen, I did all that in two days, I think the results are pretty good", of course I leave out the part of dragging my feet for two weeks.

My day to day is the most difficult for me, I rather help you with yours.

I've read a quote that said "a hero is one who does what he can" which probably includes doing your own dishes as well as mowing the elderly neighbor's lawn.

the time is now

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