Saturday, February 07, 2004

I have all my wisdom teeth...

two above and two beneath, yet I realize that there are times my mouth says things that are not wise.

I have reservations for the day after Valentine's Day at a nice little four star bistro, table for two, trying for a corner table for easier people watching.

There is less stress on the waitstaff the day after, or the day before, so you get better service and since the day after, this year, is still the weekend, when the story gets told, one just has to say I went out for Valentine's Day instead of on Valentine's Day.

The guys in work will probably screw up their Valentine's Days this year as in yesteryears. I'll try to mention that it's this weekend a few times next week to give them a chance.


I was at Home Depot earlier today, first time in a while, picked some stuff up to finish the lights in the formal dining room, but I think I'll work on the bath on the second floor.


The wirenut has survived another week. I think I might take it down.

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