Friday, February 27, 2004

okay, then..

Yesterday, there was a meeting with Operations to see how things are done, to gather information so the next big project can be started. I have never see how the signs are made, but I have a guess. I have never seen the computer program that is used for making the custom signs. This is the first time I have ever been in the back room where all this stuff happens.

I walk in with the my director and my supervisor, we're getting a demo and my supervisor asks, "Does that get saved to the com...

Dude, I writing myself notes. I sit for days busying myself and now you guys keep interrupting me. Go away. Yeah, I'll get you that map when I'm finished. I got different priorities than your map.

So back to the story...

my supervisor asks me if that (custom sign) gets saved to the computer. I say, "I guess so". Then he asks if the guy has standard signs on the computer. I say, "I imagine". It goes on like this for quite a few questions, my director and supervisor are asking me how this stuff works. So finally I say "this is the first time I have ever seen this stuff, I really don't know anything about it". Dudes, I walking in the same time as you, you guys pretty much set my schedule, when have I ever had opportunity to find out anything about this stuff?

Well, some questions get directed at the operator of the system and then back to me, by this time I have figured out that the system is basically just a desktop publishing system that can print on or cut vinyl, so I answer the questions, asking for confirmation from the operator.

Folks, feel free to speak to the operator directly.


I called Lady G at home at 7:05AM, she usually leave the house at 7:15AM, so I'm trying to time things to cut down on the inconvenience.

phone is ringing..."hello"

hold up, I gots to do a map, the guilt just kicked in....Okay, the map's printing.

phone is ringing..."hello"
"Hi, it's Tim,
"Has your mother left, yet?"
"No, she still asleep, she's not working today"
"Is that what she does on her birthday? I just called to say Happy Birthday before she left but I guess I can do that later, see ya"

So now I have to change my wardrobe, just in case I can fanagle a lunch date at some tony little restaurant, maybe the Federalist. Me not knowing she was taking the day off is my own fault, I've been giving her a little bit of space, keeping in touch but keeping the questions to a minimum.

Maybe, we'll end up at Wendy's, who knows.


9:45AM I called Lady G's house for the second time. No answer, so I leave a message that I'll probably call later. I managed to wait like four minutes and call her cell phone.

"Hi, it's Tim. You busy"
"I'm at the doctor's, but go ahead" is what I heard through the receiver followed by an oh shit in my head.
"I heard you have the day off"
"Who told you that?"
"Your daughter, I called the house earlier to wish you a happy birthday"
"Oh, is that today?"
"Yeah, it's one of our birthdays, I forget which. I called to see if you wanted to do lunch but.."
"Yeah, my doctor wanted to spend some time with me"
"Well, I guess I can't be selfish"
"I don't know how long I'll be, I'll call you when I get out"

She sounded pleasant but I think I may have dropped the ball, I should have been more aware about doctor's appointments.

Oh, well. I'll find out later on.


2:36PM no call from Lady G. Do I be a nag and call or play it cool and wait? I'm choosing to play it cool. If she has gotten bad news I rather give her a little time to adjust. It's difficult because I want to be there for her but she left the ball in her court. I'll call her later. I want to call her now.

She worries that I obsess over her. I obsess over everything. I try to tone it down, but it's against my nature. I have to wait until after 4:00, if I call before I'm afraid she might feel pressured.

Regarding, the Mirisa thing. I think I'll hold off anything until next week. I don't feel like playing games today.

I'm a little disappointed at myself, I can usually switch to player mode without skipping a beat, but Mirisa surprised me.

That's way she gets rewarded, she bested me, albeit I wasn't bringing my A game but that's my fault, Touche (please add an accent over the e) so it gets pronounced like too-shay.

Did you know that touche (please add the accent again) is the French word for touch which is used in the sport of fencing to denote a point scored. You probably just said "Duh" and you would be correct. Which is what I said to myself when this was self realized in fencing class. French is the language of Olympic Fencing.


3:07PM I was talking with another engineer and I hear a slight commotion and someone say "that's his girlfriend", she steps into my cube and tells the other engineer, "you're time with him is over". Lady G has dropped by the office, causing a stir. She's the Bell-of-the-Ball and I'm the guy on her arm. Makes my happy. Then there is like this party atmosphere for the next 34 minutes.

Aces, my friends, truly, truly aces.

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