Monday, February 09, 2004

No, Really, When is Limbo Time?...

My dad has been showing up in my dreams, just hanging around the house as if he was never gone. Last night, I'm cooking chicken wings, talking with guests and realize I haven't checked the wings for awhile so I go to the kitchen and there is my dad taking out the wings from the oven.

The wings were cooked but I like them slightly over cooked so all that connective tissue gets cooked off the bone. So, I thanked my dad and put them back in the 400 degree oven.

Exciting stuff, huh?

I forget what he was doing last time but I remember seeing him and saying "hey, where you been?" I don't remember the answer but the attitude was that he never wasn't around. Which is pretty good for a guy who has been cremated for the past eight years and whose ashes are in Vermont.

I think his latter appearance was to do with the hot water heater problem. The first hot water heater I ever replaced, he witnessed the results and said good job.

My dad, in addition to being a preacher of the Word of God, had various talents and the ability to install hot water heaters was one of them. So when I think of hot water heaters my dad comes to mind.

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