Saturday, February 28, 2004


"You leaving? And they're staying? I thought you had more pull than that" said the manager of the Bar and Grill.
The best I could do was a shoulder shrug. A witty repartee wasn't coming.

We split a pizza, played Keno, the usual Friday lunch fare. I thought twice about going I was waiting on a phone call. The owner of the place rearranged patrons to fit us in. Liz was working the bar, Amy had the floor, Amy was having a tough day. One of us was complaining about the service, I half heartedly defended the service we were getting from Amy but my mind was elsewhere. The place was packed. The cheese pizza we ordered came with chicken. Those of the party that were Catholic weren't pleased with the free topping. We're not supposed to eat meat during Lent. Oh? But you can comment that you would lick Amy's ass?

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