Thursday, February 26, 2004


or is it one man's shed is another man's cabin?

So yesterday, in the commissioner's office, the attendees are the commissioner, a deputy commissioner, a director and me. My title is probably four times removed from the least of any of their's.

So, I'm told I'm getting in at the ground level, blah, blah, blah...and it will be fun.

"Is that guaranteed?" I asked
"What?" asks the comissioner
"Is the fun guaranteed? Do I get my money back if it is not fun? Is it..guaranteed?"
"How can it not be fun working with so and so and what's his name?"
"I guess you're right" was offered as an attempt to end what I started but I continued
"I often have to say hey, so and so can you keep the party noise down over there."
"See, you will have fun" she expounded

yeah, fun

and 'expounded' is use not quite properly, so sue me


So, the third grade teacher sends me an email thanking me for the map which now hangs in the classroom.

An email sent from a personal email address not from the city system. I wish that had some hidden meaning.

I've been called a tease which may be true because my heart belongs to another but I do go fishing sometimes just to see what I can catch, which after thinking about it, is at best rude.

oh are you interested, I'm with someone, see ya. ...definitely rude.

But, I digress.

Her name is Roxanne, none of my teachers were named Roxanne. Her surname seems of Spanish descent.

So, I reply and typed "I got a kick..." and so now I'm worried that 'got' is not proper standard English but "I received a kick..." just sounds pompous. I should have rewrote it to say something different but instead I explain my use of 'got' in a postscript.


Dudes, stop bothering me while I'm trying to send myself emails so I don't forget stuff, is what crossed my mind in work several times today at work.


at 1:45pm I get on the elevator and someone askes if I know the time, I don't so I look at my watch, the big hand is on the line for the nine, and what comes out of my mouth is 20 'til, which I know is wrong but I tell myself just say the hour and go back and say quarter of. Okay, I settle on that plan, so I check to see where the hour hand is, it's approaching the two line, so I say four. So the time I said was twenty 'til four, which I know is completely wrong and just gave a little laugh and tell the guy it is actually quarter 'til two.


I got my girlscout cookies today two of the Caramel deLites and two of the Pinatas. There is a tilde over the 'n' in Pinatas, I would look up the code for that if I were not so without care.

I chose the number of boxes I wanted to buy by looking at how many other people were buying and then bought that many plus one.

"How many did you buy?....Yeah, I bought four"

"I'm sorry what did you say?"

"Oh, nothing you say, because I thought I heard you say 'asshole', under your breath, and how can I be an asshole when I bought four boxes and you only bought two? Don't you like children?"

Actually, the folks who call me asshole usually say it loud and say it proud.


I had to stay late to cover the permit desk and in the elevator I get on to leave, I'm joined by Mirisa and a friend of hers. Both are ladies, both are hott. (two t's are on purpose, they're that hot)

I give Mirisa the familiar nod and she sees I have the girlscout cookies and says,

"You haven't brought any nuts by lately"

my response was something like "ah, ahh, ah" which she repeated back to me much like Lady G does when she catches me stammering.

Mirisa caught me off guard, I was planning the rest of my day and wasn't expecting to be engaged in a converstion. I managed to say,

"It's just that I was having trouble thinking what has *your office* done for me lately"

to which I got the reply,

"Well, you haven't been by, lately"

The truth, I was not ready for some hot chick to talk about me and my nuts and I was having trouble gauging the level of my reply.

So, Mirisa will be getting nuts. Tomorrow.


Tomorrow, is Lady G's birthday. I haven't any material thing to give her yet, I won't rush about and pickup something just for something's sake. Her mother got her a portable DVD player so I've been thinking about maybe a DVD, maybe Mary J. Blige in concert or something.

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