Saturday, February 21, 2004


So, I took the photo and went back to the office to get things over with.

On the way out I ran into one of the help which wasn't so bad but I did have to give her the run down on how the family is doing. Which reminds me, yesterday I was told my 45 year old cousin, Andrew, died of a massive heart attack out in California. The wake is today in CT.

grandfather died of heart attack at mid 50's
uncle died of heart attack at mid 50's
father died of heart attack at 59
cousin died of heart attack at 45

averages to about 53 years old


Maybe I should stop snacking on salted butter...

Anyway, I get back to the office and it so happens that the agent who needs the market analysis follows me in five minutes later. She had left me a note that she would get the photo on Saturday, I already had the photo, so I was going to let her know.

"Hi, I have that photo, I already took it pause... for the market analysis"
"I don't have it"
"I know, I have it, so you don't have to worry about it"
"You already had one?"
"No, I just took it"
"Oh, I called the lady yesterday to ask if I could take a photo of her house and she hasn't gotten back to me"

So I just go back to my upstairs office to finish the market analysis, which by the way I think she has over priced by about 50k.

I do some other stuff and now it's almost eleven.

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