Sunday, February 08, 2004

Sunday, sunday...

Maybe it was a case of me hearing what I wanted to hear, the last time I heard the weather, but today was colder than I expected.

Yesterday, I actually did do something to improve the state of the homestead.

Today involved Krispy Kremes, left over calzone, soul searching, question asking, movie watching, coldish shower taking, and other assorted miscellany. Is this my James Taylor CD? It was in a stack of other CD's which reside in my collection. No one else fessed up to ownership so I put it in the player to see if there was a reason I would buy it. Eleven songs later, I still don't know why I have it.

Between tenants and roommates there are six adults in the house today I think the normally diverse use of the showers, changed to a schedule contained in an hour and a half. Needless to say the new found need to rise and shine on Sunday morning taxed the hot water heater greater than I liked.

I know the water heater is of an inferior size for the house, it just never coldly bit me in the ass before, so that gets put on the priority list. Something that was crossed off the list recently was to heat my favorite room that has a bath. There were days I serious thought of foregoing a shower because it was too cold, fortunately for others, $78 bucks and two hours fixed that problem.

Right now, I'm in the real estate office, have some deposits to make and some bills to pay. I might write myself a check and leave it to get signed.


The semi-regular poker game was rescheduled for March 6, some bother-in-law's wedding or something bumped the date from Feb. 21. Last game I did alright, the chips are .25, .50 and a dollar and I walked away with 74 additional Georges, which is better than the time previous when I left a Benjamin, I was getting favorable cards but the cards were sweeter for someone else.

Even when you win, the next morning finds you short after a case of longnecks, savory treats and the cab ride home.

Play for the game, not the reward. Reward is nice but you have to love the game. Or at least the players

I'm going to try a new system which I started half way through last time. We play dealer's choice, so I started dealing seven card no-peek, dealer advantage supreme. I think the dealer won every hand but two, and of the two escaped with little money gone. I also dealt a couple hands of Texas Hold'em which also has a nice dealer advantage.


I let my guest of honor for the 15th know that there are plans. The reply "I need to check with my boyfriend, ...never mind, he'll get over it". She has it like that, I guess.


I found that I'm laughing more and getting others to do the same. Tomorrow, a new day. Maybe I'll buy an Eartha Kitt compact disk. ...Maybe even later tonight. Maybe, tomorrow, a pair of Justin Boots. Maybe more laughing.

Definitely, more laughing.

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