Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Superman never made any money...

saving the world from Soloman Grundy.

I got a call, come see me before you go to work (2nd job), I have something for you.

I shows up, get a gift of cash, well not quite cash, a money order, four bills worth. One month's truck payment.

What's this for?

In case, there is something you want.

You sure?

Yup, you give when you get, so I'm giving because I got. (tax return me thinks)

I wanted to argue, refuse the gift but I knew I it would be a lost cause. We have been here before, she says I can't give unless I'm willing to receive.

I dislike it when I lose unspoken arguements. I have to get her back.

I don't know why she keeps me around.

I met her in high school. I first noticed her on the second day of Geometry class, she was sitting one row over and one table up, she was telling some story that seemed like the most entertaining story in the history of time. Me, I'm thinking, wow.

She ends up being the captain of the cheerleaders and a star on the track team. Me, I was the white kid taking Calculus, the type who got his high school letter by agreeing to be scorekeeper for the swim team.

Somethings have changed, somethings have not but I still like watching her tell stories

We'll be standing around at someplace like the Bristol Lounge having free drinks and she'll be making herself the bell-of-the-ball, she'll introduce me as several different things throughout the night from fiance to the guy who here to get her drinks.

On the latter one I'll usually say "I get hors d'oeuvre too" and wait for my next line.

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