Tuesday, February 24, 2004

things I know...for today anyway..

I will often leave the word 'not' out of a sentence, a sentence I want 'not' to be there.

I also leave the word 'am' out of a lot of sentences word jumbles. So, I sound like Tarzan.

I will frequently type things like 'that that' instead to 'to that'. That's more letters, I don't understand that.

I will type 'know' for 'now'. That's an additional letter too.

I must think phoneticly because what the fingers type only sounds like what I want to say, and I really cannot put the blame on the fingers, at least not when they are still in the room.

So read most of this stuff out loud and twice adding a 'not' here and there

I type faster with the left hand than with the right. Probably, because my right hand has gone stupid using a mouse.

That is the Fabulous Thinderbirds Greatest Hits CD playing in the background.


So, yesterday I am* walking about and get called over somewhere.

*(left out the 'am' first time around)

"yeah?", I said.
"you are famous with third graders"
"that map you did for Amy Needsamap (that's a made up name for a nine year old) was a big hit, so now you are famous with the students. The teacher wants your business card so she can ask you to come by and talk about maps to the students"
"Students? How old?" somebody walking by interjects with a certain tone.
"Dude, they're nine years old. You pervert" I reply
returning to my original converation, giving a 'can you believe that guy gesture'
"What about the teacher is she hot?" I asked
"Actually, she is and she's twenty eight years old and available"
"I'll get my card"


Today's phone call

"transssportation", I drag the 's' sometimes
"It's Amy Needsamap" (same made up name for same nine year old)
"Oh! Hi"
"Can my teacher send you an email asking if you can come and talk about maps?"
"Uumm, what's in it for me?" I asked setting her up for a hard time
"What do you mean?"
"What do I get out of it? ...Do I get money?"
"I imagine that Mayor Menino will take care of that"

which just cracked me up

I imagine he will

I'll talk to the Mayor about it, later.

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