Monday, February 23, 2004

looney, loony, luny...

The watercooler needs a new jug but I walk right by, walk by once and then I replace it, which brings undue praise from the lonely (at times looney) receptionist.

"Yeah, I'm a real peach", I'll say that until everyone hears it, I love referring to people as peaches.

I would probably be happier if I just did things the first time I see them, instead of all the debating I do, the outcome is usually the same.

Loonily - adverb. I'll have to use that sometime.

"How you doing?" I'll be asked
"Loonily" I'll respond, next time I'll just get a 'Hello'

luny and loony are also ways to spell looney, I like it with the 'e'.

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