Saturday, February 21, 2004


I usually shut the alarm off for Saturday mornings, not that I sleep any later but so I won't have to shut the alarm off. Today I was laying awake in bed, laying awake for awhile, I knew it was still early for a Saturday, I looked at the clock which indicated 6:36AM, too early to get up. So, I last another twenty minutes then get up to head to the real estate office.

I'm usually not in the r.e. office on these particular mornings but I was motivated to do something. Something I said I would do on Saturday. Friday at lunch time, I was in the area of the r.e. office so I dropped by to take care of a check I promised to write and to get signed by Saturday morning. Writing the check is never a problem, its the signing that's a problem, this check shouldn't be forged either because there was a good chance that it would be presented at the bank in person for cashing, as opposed to being deposited. So, I needed to find the owner, who luckily was at her house signing the 23 checks I had written the previous night. Anyway, I walk over to her house to get her to sign the new checks.

said I, presenting the checks,"Do you want to do *insert agent's name here* a favor and sign these checks? He going away Monday and he didn't give me the file last night so I could write the checks then."
"Is this the only reason you are here?"
"Aren't you a nice guy?"
"Yeah, a real peach"
"You still like your job?"
"You did once, didn't you?"
"Yup, but that was before all the bull...loney (almost saying bullshit but changed it to boloney), but I might be going to Public Works"

I find out the Commissioner on Public Works looks favorably on a mutual friend in city government, which will come in handy if the job goes the political route.

The owner also tells me she might be able to get back into the office, she has been out for five years, keeping in touch from her house. The r.e. office has been on a decline since she hasn't been in the office.

The owner loves the deal where as most of the agents love the money, when you love the money the quality of the job is jeopardized. If she does get back to the office it will be good for all. It's important that I see she still cares for this real estate business, it's hard to self motivate if I don't see the point of it all, and it has to be more than money motivated.

So, anyway, while I was about the r.e. office I was asked if I was working (for the r.e.), which I was but I wasn't so I said "No" which brought about the request for a market analysis packet. The finished market analysis, I have to assemble due to printing on odd sized textured paper as well as other design elements I have incorporated into the packet to jazz it up. It's a good, customized presentation but it's high maintenace and the assembly is more than I expect from the run of the mill real estate agent. Plus the owner knows I will catch most of the errors before it gets to her for her signature. Which is why I was out of the house on a Saturday morning at seven. Unfortunately, the agent didn't get a picture which I need to complete the package. I'll probably snap a shot as I leave the neighborhood and come back later to finish it all. I think we are due some weather which will decrease the odds of the agent taking the photo.

I want to leave before anybody gets here. I really don't need to hear anymore problems which they like to share with me when they can truly take care of them themselves.


So I try to make my escape, I go to get the print jobs I sent to the color laser and discover a jam, a jam caused by a black and white print job, a print job sent by someone who jammed the printing and just left. So lets tally the things I could get pissed off at: printing black and white to the color printer when they should be using the black and white laser printer, jamming the printer and leaving it, someone leaving the printer jammed when I trying to make an escape, and know that it's past nine o'clock that someone is not opening the office on time.

But, I will ignore them all right now. Print job made it through. I'm outta here to take a photo.

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