Thursday, February 19, 2004

What the heck...

I am walking around Quincy Market Place which is all a bustle with families on vay cay, I am walking because I think Liz maybe right, maybe I do have an addiction. So I wander into the toy store Zoinks, look around downstairs and do likewise upstairs. Upstairs has these Milton Bradley board games, shrunk down to fit on keychains.

I get Operation and Candy Land and have the 16 year old check me out, she tells me some total I think is wrong but I could have misheard her or maybe they are on sale, I get my seemingly incorrect change and leave. Outside I check my receipt and it turns out, only one of the items was run up. With tax the items are $5.20 a piece, so I'm outside debating, do I go back in or just leave, the amount of the error is minimal. Then I remember two things one a Candid Camera like show and a scene from Family Man with Nicholas Cage when Don Cheadle's character is being a check out person and purposefully gives someone the wrong amount of change to check their character...Sheeeeit!

I went back in to let her know only one run up, I said "you missed one" to which she replied pleasantly "no, I got both"... So, now not only did I buy these silly things but I am expending time and energy to make sure I have spent the proper amount of money on such things.

After, I prove only one item ran up, I hand over an additional $5.20 in exact change. The help behind the counter, which now consists of aforementioned 16 year old girl and a male counterpart, offer a 'thanks', I let them know that I didn't think that the five and one fifth of a dollar was a big deal but that I truly am insane and need to compulsively do the right thing at times. Something about good Karma may be coming my way was mentioned, to which I replied it was the bad Karma that I was worried about. Then I go about my merry obsessive way.

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