Friday, February 13, 2004

Is it talking to yourself...

When you sent yourself an email? I do this at times to remind me of things I need to remember.


I ordered flowers for the owner of the real estate company. I'm not kissing ass, she's a friend and I'm not certain there is someone bold enough to send her flowers until her legal paperwork goes through, paperwork that will change her marital status.

I think all attractive women should get flowers on Valentine's Day, but the ugo's are on there own.

I would actually send more flowers to more women but I don't think my girlfriend would like it too much and also I might start some undesired attraction type stuff.

Listen, I was just being a nice guy, I heard you weren't getting flowers so for twenty bucks I figured I could make your day (and I would put that in the note), that's what I spend on lunch, it's like I took you to lunch, it's not a big deal. ...I'll tell you what, I'll let my girlfriend know that you think her boyfriend is a nice guy.

Chances are it would just be an awkward situation so I keep my twenty bucks.

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