Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Wednesday, already...

I'm not quite done with Tuesday night, still have stuff to do.

That cheap CD player is called a Bongo Box because it looks like a set of Bongo Drums. I rather just admit that right now so it doesn't come out later.

you seemed troubled. I wish I could untrouble you.

I got a little bit pissed so I used the energy to clean my desk, just a lot of throwing stuff away, I forget what irritated me. I think I could remember but I don't wish to right now, what's the point.

I think I'm forgetting something, an appointment ...or something not dissimilar. Hopefully, I'll remember tomorrow later today, at like 6:00AM.

...nothing's free, 'cept a little bit of bad advice...

Wednesday's work comes due

half way through, but more to do

syllables? ...Haiku

It must be time to go.

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