Tuesday, February 10, 2004

So I don't need a new dryer...

just a part which I ordered online. I like being over dramatic. The two hours of overtime I worked, between Thursday and Monday, will earn me $52.82. The iginter is costing $54.65 so I'm down $1.83.

I do save the hassle and expense of getting a new dryer so I guess that puts me up the price of a new dryer. The other parts look to be in good condition and I cleaned out all the lint build-up and I get to someday casually mention that I fixed my dryer.

I was a little surprised but happy to see the igniter, I knew there was no pilot light, but much thought was never given to what caused the natural gas to ignite, there was never a need.

Igniters and I have a history, Heatmaker heating/hot water systems use an igniter, when working the Heatmaker is sweet, it uses the same heating core to heat the house and to heat the hot water (which is tankless) and does so on demand so the energy savings is noticeable. Anyway, the igniter wears out and need replacing which is just a matter of two screws after the front panel is removed.

Accessibility in the dryer is less convenient but hey, I guess the bottom line is I'm happy. Saved my own day.

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