Wednesday, February 25, 2004


I'm asked to check something out in the field, the only car available is the C-4, the 'C' stands for central base aka city hall, the four stands for the individual car number, the highest number today is 22, the C-22. Some numbers have been skipped for what reasons I do not know but I think the numbers illustrate that the car is old.

To measure distances we have measuring wheels, when I was in a car more, I made certain every car had a measuring wheel, time has past and now not every car has a wheel. The C-4 is such a car, so I grab my wheel.

My wheel, the wheel that gets borrowed everytime someone needs a wheel. The wheel is grabbed and destination achieved, bound forth from the car, extend the extendable handle on the wheel and commence with the cursing. I can't curse out loud because the mayor thinks city workers need to have a certain professional manor. So the cursing is all my own.

The reason for the cursing, someone has abused my wheel and the 'buttons' that hold the extended handle in place have retreated too far into there holes and the only thing they end up holding is a contempt for being abused.

I can't trace who abused my wheel because others have volunteered its use.

So, I start with the fixing, I've done this before just not on my wheel. Someone who likes to volunteer my wheel, inquires as to what is going on, so I inform him as to such and add that no one is to ever use my wheel ever again, never ever.

So, anyway, the wheel is fixed.


I get called to the commissioners office.

I get put on a new project to straighten out all the signs in all of the city of Boston.

Was I complaining about not being challenged?

The project involves documenting with words, photos, and technical drawings, all the signs in the city and from there some signs will probably prove to be redundant and be eliminated.

The whole system has been screwed for years and years now I get to try and fix it. But, that's my gig do the hard stuff so if failure comes I'll have an excuse, but if I pull it off I'm a hero.

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