Monday, February 02, 2004

Everbody's a fan tomorrow..pretenders..

Today the main concern in the Hall is finding Pat hats for the people who will be standing behind the World Champions on stage at City Hall Plaza tomorrow.

You would think that Patriots fans would have already had a hat.

Tomorrow Boston will be a zoo.

Word on the street is that the Pats owe their win to a superpowered Brady fan on the west coast. Whose to say, a win's a win comes to mind.

My time in the Hall of late has been drawing in sidewalks on my GIS. I read in the paper today that NY has spend 20 million dollars on the GIS system they use. In a certain city department in Boston, the GIS started out with a most likely bootlegged copy of MapInfo and spatial data begged and pleaded for, some may have been commandeered secretly too, and by some I mean most. That same department now has a righteous copy of MapInfo but still data acquisition is difficult. Most corrections to the data are drawn in by hand by tracing over aerial photos gotten online from MIT at

Boston is trying to get it's act together but it's slow process and has to be on the cheap. The word half-assed comes to mind.

My new tirade

Those out there trying to get their gangster funk on by using guns, need to learn how to shoot. First off, if you are such a badass you should walk up to the mother fucker you want dead and pull the trigger at point blank range, none of this drive-by, hail of bullets, hit everything but the dude you want dead bullshit. It might take a little bit of effort to wait until he's not hanging with a bunch of his armed homies but won't it be more satisfying to walk up to the guy look him in the eye and say fuck you while you blow a hole through his chest.

I'm tried of reading about how some five year old was shot, and paralyzed for life, while in her third floor bedroom because some lame ass doesn't know how to handle a gun.

I'm also tired of hearing that so and so was shot four times: once in the leg, one in the arm, one in the left index finger, and once in the buttocks. Sometimes the locations on the person change but in most no fatal shootings the buttocks is always one of the spots. If you cannot handle a gun properly put it away or keep it for show but stop pulling the trigger.

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