Thursday, February 26, 2004

Never? Never Ever?...

I know never is a lie. Someone one will need a measuring wheel and I'll offer up mine. The person will not need to be cute or even liked. I think the handle has a design flaw, I would check my theory but fixing the extendible handle is something I prefer not to do. If I am correct, so I place that theory on the stack of mental items, I don't know what to do with.

It took me half a minute to remember how to spell 'flaw'. Eh, it's early yet.

Last night, ran a new phone line from the...I did run it, I hooked it up. I was starting to embellish the story.


The land my family owns in VT, there is a small trailer, a camper and a self built structure, built by the family. My dad would refer to the structure as a cabin, so I got in the habit of referring to it as the same.

So, I telling a fireman, who does the smoke detector inspections required for home sales, a story and mention a cabin which has come up in other recounts of my adventures, and he says:

"Wait a minute."
so I wait
"Tell me about this cabin"
"It's 20x12, metal roof, one story, like a big open room, five windows, a door...that's about it"
"No plumbing? No electric?"
"No" says I
he starts laughing "That's not a cabin...that's not even a shack...that's a shed. A big shed but still a shed"

True enough

one man's cabin is the rest of the world's shed.

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