Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I don't think I ask for too much...

What time is it? Yeah, 12:47AM.

So, I stop goofing around and start to get things done. Towards the finish, I need a copy so, I go downstairs to the copier which I had turned on earlier to save time. This time I turn the lights on, or rather try to turn the lights on. Somebody, it seems, taped a note over the light switch. So, off comes the note, up goes my aggravation level. The lights, are still off, but the note I know is for me. The lights go on to reveal a note requesting advertising, advertising that I had just spent an hour and a half formatting, converting and emailing. True, the note was over the light switch but it was tape under the keypad to the alarm, which isn't a bad place for a note, not a bad place if the lights go on and there isn't a stack of stuff, piled high up to the switch.

The advertising is not changing.

The things that aggravate me, regarding the note:

One, this note should have been put in one of three different places, place one my mail box, place two my folder file for completed real estate file which is also a receptacle for notes at times, place three my desk (or chair).
Two, the agent is solely responsible to get any requests to me, this agent asked the front desk help to relay a message.
Three, there is a form for changes so when there is a screw up, it's documented as either my fault or their fault.
Four, now I have to have an inter-office memo sent around reminding everybody of the way things should be.
Five, the agent in question, never takes the blame, she will blame the office help (I would love it if she blames me).
Six, that stack of stuff by the light switch that I never thought should be there, one has to actually move stuff at times to get to the light switch.

I guess six is enough.

I was around when this office was remodeled, did some of the work, I was around when the alarm system was installed, I programmed the codes in the system. Besides the owner and one other agent, I've been around the longest. The point, I don't need the lights on when I enter this second home of mine.

Someone got lazy. Someone not me. Lazy is my job. Damnit.

I left a note to the office manager to send out a memo and also that the blame is solely on the agent. I might call tomorrow to talk to the agent and also to make certain that the office help doesn't get the blame.

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