Tuesday, February 10, 2004


So a get a call all in a panic like

"when you coming in?"
"I'm on my way, 20 mins, why?"
"I want to change the ad"
"Change it how?"
"I want to do a yellow background"
long pause, "Alright"

Tuesday night, the day before the ads are due is not the time to be making design changes.

In the office

"This is what I want" showing me a color yellow
"Did you clear this with the owner?"
"The last time we changed stuff she wasn't happy"
"Well, the ad needs to change, you don't like this either, what will you do?"
"I'll lighten the ad to give it more pop, but I'm not doing yellow"
"Alright, ...I think your girlfriend call"

My girlfriend? She calls my cell. She's not done with work yet. She works a split shift. Who is calling me at the real estate office? Who knows I'm here but my girlfriend? My sisters, my mom, they call the cell phone too. Oh, well. This is going to bother me.

I was delayed in getting to the office because I was picking up a piece of crap CD player. I really don't like using the computer.

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