Saturday, April 07, 2007

The ad ran today

I don't often sit on the floor; I usually stay secluded in my office but I had to fix the server and see the new ad and talk to the owner's mother. I actually didn't have to see the new ad, I just wanted to. You never really know how the ad will look when they are printed on newsprint. Glossy magazine you can guess pretty well at but newsprint varies from run to run.

I know I can get a dozen variations just printing from the office printers and none of them ever matches what I see on my computer screen.

I was thumbing through the paper to find the ad. It was darker than I had hoped, especially the pictures but then the whole paper was dark this time and the colors weren't registered quite properly. I was calculating adjustments when she said "You're an artist," I responded with an insincere "Thank you."

"Do you show your mum any of your stuff?"

"No. My mom doesn't see a lot of what I do."

"Hey, mom, look at this. I don't like it much," doesn't seem like a good conversation starter. And I disagree with my mom's tastes.

What is my mom supposed to do? Hang it on her fridge?

neither of those greens is what I was going for but the darker one is closer to what I had wished.

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