Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ladies like 'em long and thick.

She faced me as she leaned on the bar after she served a Bud Light to the guy at the end. They do that because, mostly, they don't really care for anyone else at the bar but sometimes they have something they want to say. I thought I felt her gaze so I turned from the sports channel towards her and sure enough she was looking right at me. She smiled which caused me to smile back.

"I've just never seen you without a hat before."

"I've got one back at the office if it bothers you too much."

"No, that's alright."

"Sometimes, I don't wear it just to prove to folks I'm not bald."

"Yeah, I thought you were hiding something."

"I usually need a haircut so, usually, I'll wear a hat. There's a little gray but it's all there."

"You have long eyelashes."

"I'll tell you my eyelash secret when no one else is around."

"Mascara, right?"

"Yeah, I have it shipped in from China."

"They don't have long eyelashes."

"Nope, but they do have great eyelash technology."

We got quiet for a moment but she was still looking at my lashes.

"They are so long that they hit the back of my glasses."

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