Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yeah, where did I go?

I apologize to my faithful readers and commenters. I really should treat you folks better.

There are a couple txt files on my flash drive that I haven't posted but even those are a few days old.

What ever fix I was getting from writing my drivel has waned. Here's what I had for yesterday.

"Did I tell you that I now own my truck outright? I probably didn't because who brags about owning a six year old pickup truck?"

I didn't bother to save that.

What would usually happen is that I would get bored with work, or my life in general, and then write something to distract myself from being bored. I can't say that I'm any less bored with work, or my life in general, but I haven't been writing; maybe I'm busier.

Checking the flash drive, there is a file for April 18 and 19, and prior to those, one on the thirteenth which got posted.

I think I was sweating out being able to pay the grand in federal taxes, in that time, which comes about from being self employed with a second job which I don't run very well because it's just mostly helping out a friend.

So, here's a Little g story.

On the first fine day in three weeks, I was driving Little g to get her hair done. I had my hand out my window directing the fresh Spring air into the cab.

"You shouldn't sail you hand out the window like that."

"No? Why not?"

"Because what if a truck or something comes by and cuts it right off?"

"I'm watching," I said as I checked the rear view. "But I like living on the edge."

"I do too but I--"

"You like your hands."

"Yes. I don't think I could do without them."

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