Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It was like every other sentence was a conclusion based on some piece of foolishness but I didn't feel like setting him straight so I just kept quiet.

He doesn't know how to relax.

So, thanks to sitemeter, I know that the sign I designed is causing internet hits. Internet hits to a site I designed.

So thank you sitemeter.com, you've been a bit slow lately but I still love you.

I walked down the hallway to talk shop to a friend. He was on the phone when I walked into his cube and he motioned me to sit down. He mentioned that I was there to the person on the phone and included that I had recently gotten a haircut. I said "I had a few things waxed, too," loud enough to be heard over the phone. I got a small laugh before he said "You don't know even know who I'm talking to." I slightly worried that it was his wife but it was just some consultant.

I'll boldly say anything if I think it will get a laugh.

I'm not gonna show the waxed parts.

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